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Bleaker College was considerably well known for nothing. But, as collegiate murders go, the event brought national attention to the school. After the vigil for Freshman Computer Science student Elizabeth Matters, students huddled all in their dorms fearing the killer would strike again, and the paparazzi from the big New York City news stations. The dean of students canceled classes for a week and promised everyone "the killer will face justice." Still, seven days later, on the dot, Chase sat in the dining hall reading a new email. It stated the murderer was still at large.  "Cool," she muttered.   She leaned back and looked at the dining hall. It was nearly empty, for most of her fellow peers elected to just order take out for the time being. They would rather a poor pizza delivery get killed walking in between college dorms instead of themselves. Not cool, Chase thought.  The dining hall was a neat place; it was mostly sterile white except for blazing orange cha…

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